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South Africa is a relatively large country (roughly twice the size of Texas) with a wide expanse of countryside, often with little to see and do. Until now.

Remember your trip is not a destination, it's a journey. Make the best of it.

Before you embark on your trip, you can now do detailed planning. You can visit sights you've never heard of and stop over in small, obscure and interesting towns, far away from the bustle of everyday living.

Plan your route from town to town, get detailed directions , get more details on sights to see and things to do, convert your currencies and view trip planning along the country's 15 national roads.

Plan your trip
You can now create any number of route plans from town to town for particular trips. At each stopover, you can get more information about service providers in that town.

This is a function that will show you detailed directions from one town to another.

Sights to see
Narrative on South Africa's more prominent sights to see.

Currency converter
A handy tool to convert your currencies using up to date exchange rates

National roads
This shows you the routes you can follow on the country's 15 national roads


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