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South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation, due to its wide variety of people, cultures and languages.

The climate is mild with Gauteng's highveld having of the best weather in the world. A large part of the country (the Karoo) is a vast, arid landscape with towns few and far between. The Western Cape prides itself in what could be regarded as the most beautiful, mountainous scenery in the world. KwaZulu Natal has rolling hills, lush undergrowth and miles of pristine beaches. The Eastern Cape has spectacular forests and untouched nature.

South Africa is steeped in a turbulent and sometimes violent history. 1994 saw the end of a political era, ushering in a time of peaceful co-existence of the Country's people.

This website provides in depth information about South Africa, including its statistics, 862 cities and towns, 9 provinces, a detailed, interactive map of the country and a listing of slang words used only in South Africa.

Cities and towns
Provides you access to a detailed listing of 862 towns, maps, links to informative sites, service providers in each town and more

South Africa has 9 provinces, each unique with its own fauna, flora, culture and people. This section provides you with statistics and narrative for each province.

Map of South Africa
A large interactive map of South Africa where you can zoom down to street level

This section provides a wide variety of statistics about South Africa, including its background, communication infrastructure, economy, geography, government, military, its people and transportation.

South African slang
An explanation of South African slang words


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