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This is how it works...

Planning your trip
1. Above the menu click on  
2. You have two options: a) Create a standard route along one of the national roads or b) Create an ad hoc trip.
3. Click on the dropdown located near the top of the screen, marked "-Create a route on a national road (recommended)-" and select the route of your choice.

4. The following screen will now appear:

On the left, enter a heading for the trip. When you have created a number of trips, it will be easier to find this trip.

Below that is a checkbox where you can reverse the direction, eg the trip shows from Johannesburg to Durban, but you want to travel from Durban to Johannesburg.

Enter a date that the trip will commence in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Enter a description of the trip (optional).

On the right is a list of all the major towns on this route with the kilometres between the towns and the cumulative kilometers to be travelled.

Click Submit.
5. The following screen will now appear:

5.1 Click on for any of the towns. Full details of the town (where available) will appear:

At the bottom of the screen, click on Wikipedia for more information:

5.2 Click on for any of the towns. You can now add notes on the town, what you want to do there, etc:

5.3 Click on    to move the town up in the sequence

Click on    to move the town down in the sequence

Click on   to delete the town from the trip

Click on    (or on the town's name) to show the service providers in the particular town.

5.4 At the top of the screen, you have the following options:

Back to main listing takes you back to your list of trips that you have created

Show entire trip shows all the towns on the route together with the descriptions that you have entered

Print entire trip prints all the towns on the route together with the descriptions that you have entered

Add another town allows you to add a town not on the route, eg where you want to make a detour. You can then move the town up or down the sequence.

Reverse order reverses the sequence of the town, eg Johannesburg to Durban becomes Durban to Johannesburg.
5.5 To obtain a map with full directins for the entire trip, click on (top right of the screen):

The following screen will appear:

On the left is a list of all the towns that you will be visiting. Hold your mouse over this listing and scroll down. Below the list are complete directions on how to get to your destination:

On the right is a map showing the route that you will be taking. You can maximise the screen by clicking

Holding your mouse over the map, roll the wheel of your mouse forward and back to zoom in and out.

To move over the map, left click anywhere holding the mouse button in and move your mouse around.
6. Simple as that. Enjoy.

Our thanks to Google Maps and Wikipedia for our use of their information.
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