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Planning your trip     DIRECTIONS Show services:
This is a function that will show you detailed directions from one town to another.

How to use this function

Get directions where you want to go. This function will give you step by step directions to get from one address to another.

In the FROM and TO fields, enter the full address, eg 123 West Street, Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

There will be displayed an interactive map with full directions.
On the map, you can zoom in and out by clicking .

You don't have to type the full address, for example you can type FROM: Johannesburg, South Africa TO: Durban, South Africa

You can also print these directions by clicking .
Drag the onto the map to show interactive photographs of the places you want to go to.

By the way, this function works for nearly everywhere in the world, not only for South Africa.
Enter the From and To towns in the format eg
Cape Town, South Africa


Our thanks to Google Maps and Wikipedia for our use of their information.
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